Criminal Sexual Conduct is one of the most serious criminal accusations in South Carolina.  Many times, a person is arrested on a charge of Criminal Sexual Conduct only because of allegations made by the alleged victim despite an absence of physical evidence or of any other corroborating evidence.  Charges involving Criminal Sexual Conduct can result in extremely lengthy prison sentences if there is a conviction as well as being forced to register as a sex offender.

There are three degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct as well as Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor.  All of these offenses have a mandatory requirement of registering on the Sex Offender Registry if convicted.  People who must register on the Sex Offender Registry must do so for life unless that conviction is overturned, reversed, or vacated and a final judgment has been rendered.  Convicted sex offenders are also subjected to several requirements in regards to where they can live and where they can attend school.

If someone is being accused of a sex crime by an individual or law enforcement, that person should consult an attorney immediately and refrain from giving any sort of statement, formal or otherwise, regarding the allegations against them.  An individual cannot be penalized, criminally or civilly, for refusing to speak with law enforcement in regards to allegations made against his or her self.  A person also cannot be penalized, either criminally or civilly, for speaking with an attorney instead of speaking with law enforcement personnel when accused of a crime.