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Swilley Law Firm, LLC, will defend you in any criminal case in the state of South Carolina.
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Understanding your injuries and securing adequate compensation

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A car accident can change the course of life in an instant. One second you may be driving down the road, and the next you may find yourself with injuries that are both painful and debilitating. Most people are not financially prepared to deal with an unexpected injury and the expenses that come with it. Your car accident can negatively impact your life in multiple ways. 

If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you may not be sure what you should do next. It is possible you have grounds to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim, and it can help to start with a complete understanding of your injuries. This can prove beneficial as you seek appropriate recompense for your pain and suffering.

Your injuries, your recovery

The way a car accident can impact a person’s life depends on the nature of the injuries and other factors unique to the situation. Even common or seemingly minor accident injuries can have a significant impact on your everyday life. Some of the most common car accident injuries and their potential effects include the following:

  • Injuries to the neck – A common car accident injury is whiplash, which is damage to the neck caused by the rapid back and forth motion made by the head when vehicles collide. This can cause long-term complications.
  • Injuries to the chest – A collision can cause trauma in the chest area, which may leave a person with broken ribs, collapsed lungs and even trauma to the heart.
  • Injuries to the head – Head injuries are common in car accidents, and the severity can range from a minor concussion to serious brain damage. Long-term effects can include memory problems, headaches and much more.
  • Injuries to the back – Back injuries can include any type of damage to the spinal cord. This can lead to varying degrees of paralysis, debilitating pain and permanent physical limitations. 

The appropriate amount of compensation for your injuries depends on the specific way they have impacted your life. An assessment of your case with an experienced South Carolina personal injury attorney can help you understand what steps you may want to take and how you can seek the full and fair recovery you deserve. In a civil claim, you will want to pursue damages that not only cover your immediate needs, but your long-term injury-related needs as well.