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Overview of the most prominent injuries in a car crash

The injuries you had to face or continue to face in the wake of your car accident in South Carolina may have been wide-ranging. Almost any part of the body can be harmed in a crash, and below are just some of the more prominent types of injuries.

Starting with the head and neck

The impact of a collision can send a vehicle occupant’s head into the windshield, steering wheel or side window, among other places. The result can be a traumatic brain injury, which, if it causes one to start bleeding underneath the skull, can necessitate surgery. Mild TBIs are called concussions and may be addressed with pain medications. Then, there are the injuries that can be incurred on the face, such as:

• Broken facial bones
• Bruising and cuts
• Broken teeth

Regarding the neck, most crash victims, especially those in rear-end collisions, will suffer something called whiplash where the neck muscles and ligaments are strained or torn. This, too, can require surgery if the neck vertebrae become dislocated.

Injuries to the spinal cord

Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious as they can lead to partial loss of sensation or total paralysis. Crash victims could suffer from spinal disc herniation, which, in turn, could cause a nerve to be pinched.

Seatbelts can prevent a number of injuries, especially leg-related ones, but they can give rise to some conditions themselves. The shoulder belt, for example, may crack a collarbone or rib in the process of doing its job while the lap belt, if worn incorrectly, can damage the internal organs and cause internal bleeding. As a side note, another internal injury is psychological: Victims may develop anxiety, depression or PTSD.

If the other driver was to blame for your injuries, you may file a personal injury claim. Perhaps you contributed slightly to your own injuries; that’s acceptable because South Carolina follows a comparative negligence rule. You could have a lawyer assess your case first before you file. The lawyer may even handle all settlement negotiations for you.