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Can a dash cam help your auto accident case?

If you’ve ever been in a near-miss accident, you know how quickly you can end up in a dangerous situation on the road. One way that you can help protect yourself in the case of a traffic accident is by purchasing a dash cam and installing it in your vehicle.

Dash cameras are small, easy to install and affordable. You can get them for the front and back windows of your vehicle, too, allowing you to track drivers who make errors all around your vehicle.

A dash cam can make fault clearer after a crash

The nice thing about dash cams is that they record an accident as it happens. There is no way for the camera to embellish on the story or to hide something that happened. For example, if a driver crosses the center line in front of you, they might argue that they didn’t. A dash camera will have a recording of them and determine the truth.

Dash cameras are protective. They help you prove that you’re not to blame for a crash and give insight on why the crash happened. They can also assist in showing what happened during the crash and after the collision. For instance, if your vehicle rolled, that will be on the dash cam. If the driver kept driving away, that could be captured on a camera, too.

The footage from a dash cam can be invaluable

Footage captured with a dash cam can make it much easier to prove your case when you want to make a personal injury claim. There can be no debate about the cause of an accident when it’s clear who made a traffic error based on video footage.

If the other driver flees, a dash cam may capture their license plate number. At the very least, it can identify the make and model of the vehicle. Similarly, if there are witnesses, their vehicle information may be captured as well, helping you, your attorney or officers reach out to them for more insight.

If you’re hit, a dash cam’s footage can help you make a stronger case. This is one tool that you may want to consider having installed into your vehicle.