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Lost wages can be hard to calculate after an injurious car crash

Those affected by car crashes may experience personal hardship and financial setbacks. If a crash causes physical injuries, injured people may need to pursue compensation for their medical expenses. Crash injuries might force someone to take time away from work. Other times, more serious injuries with permanent functional implications could lead to a reduction in someone’s long-term earning potential. Those in blue-collar professions need full control of their bodies, while white-collar workers could become unable to do their jobs if they develop brain injuries because of a car crash.

In theory, the bodily injury liability coverage carried by the driver who caused the crash could help cover the cost of medical care and the reduction in someone’s income caused by the collision. Unfortunately, many people struggle to accurately estimate the long-term impact their injuries may have on their earning potential.

Lost wages are often the tip of the iceberg

If someone only missed a set number of days and has no major functional limitations after they heal, then calculating their lost wages is a straightforward process. For those who experience a lengthy absence from work or incur lasting functional challenges, estimating the economic impact their injuries have on their earning potential can be much more difficult.

A lengthy leave of absence from work can change someone’s trajectory at a company. Even when coworkers and management know the reason that someone missed work, the injured worker may find that their advancement opportunities are fewer and farther between than they were before the crash.

Additionally, those with functional limitations may need to transition to different jobs or may need to stop working entirely. People may need to pursue compensation for not just their lost wages while they receive treatment but also their reduced earning potential.

The value of their workplace benefits is an important consideration as well. The increase in income that may have resulted from promotions and cost-of-living raises can also factor into the final economic impact that an injury has on someone’s future. The average individual still adjusting to life with serious car crash injuries may not be in a position to adequately explore the financial impact of their injuries.

People often need support when establishing a realistic figure for the reduction in income their injuries caused. They may also require assistance when negotiating with insurance providers to obtain appropriate insurance payouts or presenting their situation to the civil courts as part of a personal injury lawsuit. Lost wages and lost earning potential can add up to far more than the average insurance policy can cover, necessitating lawsuits in some cases.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit after a car crash leaves someone hurt and unable to continue working can minimize the financial strain they experience because of the wreck. Those who hold the right party accountable can reduce their personal financial losses directly related to a collision.