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Drug Offenses

When the stakes are high, call Swilley Law Firm, LLC. We represent injured people and people accused of crimes in South Carolina.

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Serious Charges Need Serious Representation

Convictions for possession of illegal drugs or the unlawful possession of prescription medication can carry far-reaching consequences in South Carolina. Whether you are in possession of and intending to personally use drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or opioids, or whether you intend to sell, law enforcement prosecutes these offenses vigorously. A conviction may mean fines that strain your finances, a lengthy prison sentence that puts pressure on your family, and the possibly permanent consequence of a criminal record that could make it difficult for you to find a job, rent an apartment, own or possess a firearm, or even see your children.

Defending a felony or misdemeanor drug case can take a lot of time and work on behalf of the attorney. It’s important to have an experienced attorney familiar with the process, the law and the potential consequences.

A Lawyer Who Will Protect You

If you or your family member has been accused of a drug offense, it is important to avoid speaking with police or investigators – instead, invoke your constitutional right to remain silent. Call an attorney immediately. If you would like to discuss your case and its specifics, please call my office, located in Florence, at 843-773-2789 as soon as possible. Your initial consultation will be free. You may also reach out through my online contact form.