Swilley Law Firm, LLC, will defend you in any criminal case in the state of South Carolina.
Swilley Law Firm, LLC, will defend you in any criminal case in the state of South Carolina.
Protecting Your Rights

The Consequences Of Traffic Violations Might Be More Than You Expect

If you are like most people, you will receive a traffic citation at some point in your life. You receive a ticket, pay the fine and move on. It can be easy to think that’s the quickest way to handle the issue and put it behind you.

Many people don’t realize that doing so might lead to future consequences. Penalties may include points on your license that could eventually lead to a suspension, fines growing in cost and increases on your insurance premium. It is possible that these repercussions can be avoided.

Different Types Of Tickets And What You Can Do

You may be familiar with a speeding ticket, but there are many types of traffic violations and their consequences can range in severity. Other common traffic citations include:

• Driving without a license or driving with a suspended license

• Driving without insurance

• Failure to obey traffic control devices

• Unlawful texting while operating a motor vehicle

• Reckless driving

• Failure to yield the right of way

An experienced lawyer may be able to resolve these traffic citations favorably. I’ve been protecting my clients from the unexpected consequences of traffic citations in South Carolina for years. I’m here to help you navigate the system, evaluate your options and figure out what’s the best thing to do for your particular situation.

Experienced Counsel On Your Side

As an experienced defense lawyer, I know that facing court for even a seemingly simple traffic citation can cause stress. That’s why I’m here to help make it as easy a process as is possible for you. As your attorney, I will represent you at every stage of your case. From initial consultation onward, I will handle preliminary investigation and evaluation of your situation.

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