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What You Should Know About Fighting Traffic Violations

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When Paying The Fine Isn’t The Right Choice

If you have ever received a traffic ticket or citation, you may think the quickest road to resolution is simply paying the fine and therefore pleading guilty to the charge – but doing that can lead to issues down the road for you. This includes points on your license leading to increased insurance premiums or even a suspended license.

Contesting a traffic ticket can seem like so much work, especially if you’ve never done it before. Is it worth it to try to beat the citation? I have handled many traffic citation defense cases in South Carolina, so I am able to let you know what you may expect if you choose to contest your traffic violation.

Q: Could the ticket get dismissed?

Possibly. It is up to the prosecution (either the citing officer or the prosecuting attorney) to decide whether or not to go forward with the case. There is also a traffic education program in South Carolina that will result in a dismissal of a traffic ticket if successfully completed. There are several different factors that can determine how the State or particular municipality will proceed with the prosecution.

Q: Do I need to go to court to fight my citation?

Not always. Your specific charge and circumstances and in which court the ticket is pending will determine whether or not you would need to make an appearance. Many times, tickets can be resolved by a lawyer without you ever having to appear in court or speak to a police officer or a judge.

Q: Can I appeal the court’s decision?

Yes, but you have a limited time to do so. An appeal from a traffic ticket conviction goes to Circuit Court and can be a complicated process.

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